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The end is near…

on December 3, 2012

In my house right now my girls are doing the Christmas countdown. Each day they wake up and take a look at the Snoopy ornament that reads how many days left till Christmas. I often wonder how many of us are counting down till the end of this semester. Many of you I know will be graduating at the end of this semester. A new chapter is awaiting each of you oh so very soon. I pray that each of you will enjoy each day as you impact students lives. If I can give you some helpful words of advice it would be to always remember that each student in your classroom is someones whole world. The words you speak to your students may end up being their inner voice. I strive to smile and encourage each day. Even when a student is driving me bananas I strive to redirect and discipline with love and understanding. I’m sure as you are finishing up your student teaching you have entered the chapter of “local celebrity.” You will be seen at the grocery store, out to eat, church, etc. You will hear your voice being shouted from little voices so excited to see you . Many of  whom thought you live at your school. 🙂 Enjoy this and realize that if they are shouting your name is that you have impacted them in some small or large way. You have made your imprint and I pray that you will have many shout outs and hugs along your way.



Proverbs 4:13 Hold on to instruction, do not let it go; guard it well, for it is your life.

Our career choice is to teach and instruct our students. In this verse we are told to hold on to instruction. We need to remember that we are the students also to our Heavenly Father. We should be seeking Him, his instruction and purpose for our lives. Reading and studying in His word will guide our teachings our hearts & minds. I encourage you to make sure you are seeking instruction from our Heavenly Father. We are his students put here on this Earth to show His love. His love can be seen through our daily walk  and talk. Strive to love like He does, encourage like only He could, and forgive like only He can.


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