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The end is near…

In my house right now my girls are doing the Christmas countdown. Each day they wake up and take a look at the Snoopy ornament that reads how many days left till Christmas. I often wonder how many of us are counting down till the end of this semester. Many of you I know will be graduating at the end of this semester. A new chapter is awaiting each of you oh so very soon. I pray that each of you will enjoy each day as you impact students lives. If I can give you some helpful words of advice it would be to always remember that each student in your classroom is someones whole world. The words you speak to your students may end up being their inner voice. I strive to smile and encourage each day. Even when a student is driving me bananas I strive to redirect and discipline with love and understanding. I’m sure as you are finishing up your student teaching you have entered the chapter of “local celebrity.” You will be seen at the grocery store, out to eat, church, etc. You will hear your voice being shouted from little voices so excited to see you . Many of  whom thought you live at your school. 🙂 Enjoy this and realize that if they are shouting your name is that you have impacted them in some small or large way. You have made your imprint and I pray that you will have many shout outs and hugs along your way.



Proverbs 4:13 Hold on to instruction, do not let it go; guard it well, for it is your life.

Our career choice is to teach and instruct our students. In this verse we are told to hold on to instruction. We need to remember that we are the students also to our Heavenly Father. We should be seeking Him, his instruction and purpose for our lives. Reading and studying in His word will guide our teachings our hearts & minds. I encourage you to make sure you are seeking instruction from our Heavenly Father. We are his students put here on this Earth to show His love. His love can be seen through our daily walk  and talk. Strive to love like He does, encourage like only He could, and forgive like only He can.

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New adventures are on the horizon

Many of you may be reading this entry outside of the United States, or some of you may be leaving soon. I know our Taylor friends at Westview Elementary are finishing up this week. It’s amazing how quickly time flies. It seems like yesterday that I was your professor. Eager to share with you my passion and love for learning. Now, you are leading and learning in your own classrooms. I like to tell student teachers that come into my building to be observant, look for bulletin board ideas, circle time set ups, placement of desks/tables, centers, management , and discipline. I would take pictures of ideas to help you remember.

Teaching ideas for Spelling:

1) 3-D Words- using play-doh or clay to sculpt your spelling words

2) The app Spelling City is wonderful

3)Air Write! Write your spelling words in the air using your finger. Have a partner read your words as you write them or have a partner air write and your job is to read the words.

4)Upper and lower- Write your spelling words two times each. First write each word in Uppercase letters. Second, write each word in lowercase letters. ex: SLIDE, slide

In our building our high ability 1st grade clusters use word families to teach spelling. My daughter has taken off with spelling by using this method. Your overall goal should be to “think outside the box” and to provide opportunities for learning that are engaging, fun, and age/level appropriate. Please remember if you need anything I’m always here to help. My  heart sings when I hear how much you are loving to teach. I love what I do and wouldn’t want to be doing anything else.


John 16:13 But when he, the Spirit of truth, comes, he will guide you into all truth. He will not speak on his own; he will speak only what he hears, and he will tell you what is yet to come.

 Each child in your classroom was designed by our Heavenly Father. At some point in your career you will run into a child that the techniques and strategies that you were taught just are not working. Don’t fret…. pray.  Our Heavenly Father will guide you to the door of understanding. Pray for your students, their families, colleagues, and don’t forget yourself. Asking our Heavenly Father to shine through you. You all are going to SHINE for Him. 
Professor Wortinger
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The busyness of life

“Never a dull moment” should now be my new middle name. But between you and me I wouldn’t change a thing. This year I have learned a lot, a lot about myself. I have learned that God has placed this desire in me to be more of a servant His servant to help others succeed. I don’t need the glory, the attention, the recognition but what I love seeing is colleagues understanding new teaching tools and techniques and watching them grow. 

I know many of you are in the midst of your student teaching. I get the great pleasure of seeing 3 of you each day (well most days but sometimes I’m stuck in my hole)  in my elementary school. I want you to think of yourself as if you are a flower. We know flowers need sunshine and water to grow. You are going to need vital things to be placed in your teaching career to help you grow. I want you to look around your school and notice things, lots of things. I want you to look for teachers you would like to go observe in their classroom. Ask your practicum teacher if you could go watch them before you leave. Ask basic things like: discipline strategies, homework ideas, transitions, and parent connections. You will be surprised by how many classrooms do things differently and are working well! When you have your own classroom you will find that some years this discipline strategy worked and others it tanks. So keep these ideas you learned about in a file for “future reference.” 

In my new role at my school I’m so blessed that I am able to create items to help make our teachers lives a little easier. From a Kindergarten Readiness binder for our preschool teacher to mClass packets to help with expectations, I love what I am doing. 🙂 But one area that I sometimes have to assist my principal in is discipline. I want to remind each of you when disciplining a student to think of 3 things: 1)tone 2)level 3)voice. Making sure you are at their level. Maybe you could stand on your knees, or kneel down. Looking directing at the child with a calm, firm tone. There is never a need to shout or yell. This child may only hear yelling at home. Be mindful and respectful of this child. Remembering his/her age. Think about what may have happened prior to the incident. Many times in our building a lot of our problems are do to being hungry. Children are hungry and become grouchy (and so do I) and react. Be kind, loving, and remembering if you believe in them, and they see you believing, they will achieve and then SUCCEED. 🙂

Fine motor/literacy activity:

Sight word lace up. Items needed: Pipe Cleaners, Lacing Letters. Note cards with sight words on them.

Students will pull a sight word card. Students will then find the letters from the pile. Lacing them on the pipe cleaner to spell the word. Viola! Super fun and a great activity to build up those little fingers.



Hebrews 12:2 Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy set before him endured the cross . . .

Joy, have you ever had a day where the stress of it all stole your joy? In teaching the stress of fitting everything in to discipline strategies not working can often be a joy stealer. But I want you to remember that you are never alone. For one, I’m always here to help guide you and give you ideas but more importantly our Heavenly Father is there watching, waiting, and listening to help release the stress and burdens that you are carrying. I leave you with my favorite poem: Footprints in the Sand. Be encouraged my friends you are changing lives for His glory.

Smiling for Him,

Professor Wortinger

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Success isn’t measured by the grade of the paper

Hello teacher friends! I don’t know about you, but I sure do love Fall, I mean everything Fall. I love to break out the scarves with my jeans and a tall Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks.  Teaching during Fall is such a fun time as well. You can truly carry this theme throughout each of your centers. I am reminded that often times we think so much about “measurements” and “data” that sometimes we forget the little things that  make us smile like…leaf rubbings. Who doesn’t love to put a huge maple leaf under a piece of paper and color and viola there it is…your masterpiece. I encourage you to seek ideas and activities where a child will be able to embrace their “viola” moment. The moment they feel successful.

My challenge to you is what can you do to help create a “successful” student in your classroom. Now let’s be careful not to think of a successful student is only students who have straight A’s or S+’s and  sits quietly at their seat. I would you life for you to think differentiation. How can you differentiate your teaching to accommodate all student learning. Think of it as a case of stairs. How can you help each child step up in their own learning journey. When the child makes it to the next “step” make sure you praise and more praise on these accomplishments. When we are praised for the little things just think what that can do to a child’s motivation? Can you say,  “start your engine?” That engine will take off for learning.
Lastly, when grading student papers make sure you encourage the little things that each child has accomplished. Even if a child “bombs” a paper can we at least find something to praise them for. Once praise is given, go over with the child how to make corrections keeping your tone positive and encouraging. I made sure I would put at the top of the paper, “Keep Trying” instead of the dreaded…S- or F. Our goal is not to rack up the S-‘s or F’s, but rather to see this child try harder, to learn, to be …successful.

II TIMOTHY 2:24-26 And the Lord’s servant must not quarrel; instead, he must be kind to everyone, able to teach, not resentful. 25 Those who oppose him he must gently instruct, in the hope that God will grant them repentance leading them to a knowledge of the truth, 26and that they will come to their senses and escape from the trap of the devil, who has taken them captive to do his will.
I love this verse for many reasons. When teaching we often come across students who “challenge” our patience. We’ve tried behavior charts, smiley faces, stickers, rewards, etc. and still there’s disobedience. I want you to take a step back and change your lens. Look at the child as Jesus would. Love this student as your own. Making sure this child feels safe, encouraged, and loved. When children feel secure, discipline & correction comes much easier. I ask each of you to love as He loves us, and to teach as if your teaching with Jesus right by your side.



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It’s that time of year…

Welcome signs are out, school supplies are bought, welcome notes have been mailed, are you ready for school to begin? Many of you started your student teaching placement this week. I often think back to when I was teaching EDU 200. Our discussion times were my favorite. Watching your minds turn and ponder on situations was priceless. My prayer is that now that you are in your placements the information I armed you with can be of helpful use. 

I have a begun a new chapter in my life as well! I am now the Interventionist Specialist for Westview Elementary. I have the great honor to work with four amazing ladies who help provide services for children who have fallen below benchmark. I also chair ESP and RTI meetings for our school. Plus, I get to do what I love work with children and help faculty with any problems or situations that may occur. I often wonder why God had me move to preschool from 3rd grade, then to kindergarten…now I know. His plan was always perfect. Molding me and showing me through these experiences have brought me to here. The perfect job for me. I pray for each of you as you begin this next chapter. I know many of you are student teaching aboard. I pray for safety and that the love of our Heavenly Father can be seen through you and your teaching. 

This morning I I chaired my first round of meetings and I began to see a common “gap” in our kindergarten classrooms…fine motor. if you haven’t already thought about adding it into your day, please do.  Fine motor is a crucial skill children need a lot of exposure to.  Once those little fine motor muscles have developed writing will begin. Throwing sentences at a child who has a fear of writing will only frustrate a child. We are here to build up and guide children into their road for success. Here are a few ways to use fine motor in your classroom:

*Place a small bowl under an up side down strainer. Have students put toothpicks in the tiny holes in the strainer. Great for pincher muscles and hand/eye coordination. The toothpicks will land in the bowl.  Easy clean up!

*Online you can order ABC lacing beads. This is a phenomenal product where children can lace their name, sight words, word families, etc. LOVE this idea!

*On sentence strips write their name, sight words, word families, or upper/lower case letters. Then laminate and have children practice tracing over these words.

*Put sand in a small tub container. Have children spell their name with a pencil in the sand. I also like to create cards and write on the cards designs (circles, squiggle lines, etc.) for the children to complete.

*Alpha bet Cereal and twizzers. Have students hunt for letters by saying the letter or its sound. Children will use the tweezers to pick up the correct letter. 

Looking forward to an amazing year! I can’t wait to share with you all each week some exciting ideas to try in your classroom! I would also love to hear how things are going for you! Please feel free to leave me a comment on this page, if you have a questions about something, need an idea, or just want to say hello! 


Psalms 119:130  The unfolding of your words gives light; it gives understanding to the simple. 

 What a powerful verse! I pray that each day while we are teaching that we use our words to show HIS light. To many of these children & their families we are the only Jesus they have seen. So love these children & their families as Jesus would. Show compassion towards them. Remembering your tone, actions, and words can bring light to many or darkness to those surrounding you. Choose to Let Your Light Shine! Just like the song says… Don’t Let Satan “blow” it out! I’m gonna let it shine! 
Smiling for Him,
Professor Wortinger
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Finding out what truly matters

The end is near my friends! Are you excited to see Friday come or do you have mixed emotions right now? I can remember so clearly being so ready to be done cramming for  exams but not ready to say good-bye to my friends. My advice to you is to cherish each day with your friends while you are in college. These moments fly by so quickly and before you know it you’re 33 with 2 kids. 🙂 You are in an amazing season of life! Love it, live it, and serve Him in all things.

Today’s Tip:

I have decided what a perfect way to finish up this year by giving you ideas to end your school year with.  First off before I forget, right now at you may go online and purchase resource downloads for just $1.00!!!!!! This site has great ideas, materials to purchase but it only lasts till May 18th! Easy to download and easy to print! What a great way to build your resource file my friends.

When I was teaching preschool I had a CD with songs playing as the children came marching into the gym for graduation. Songs such as : Let them be little, I hope you dance, I raise you up, to name a few. Not a dry eye in the house, including mine. We ordered online sashes for the children to wear as well as certificates we laminated, rolled, & tied with ribbon to be their official “diploma.” Students who were remaining in preschool were given a ribbon. I found this amazing site that gives FREE downloads for preschool & kindergarten graduation ideas. Go there friends you won’t be disappointed!

As a parent gift to remember this special time I printed on a color copier the following poem and including on the poem a hand print of their child. We also laminated these.

Sticky Fingers and Big Wet Kisses

Sticky fingers and big wet kisses Dirty Toes and stars with wishes Splashing through puddles and hugs too tight  Afternoon naps and sleepless nights I’m growing so fast. I’ll soon be grown So I’ve made you this hand print for your very own. So tuck it away and keep it, please So years from now I can see How much I changed as time went by An you can always remember my… Sticky fingers and big wet kisses Dirty toes and stars with wishes…

Another idea you can give your students is a special poem from you!

You are a very special person. And you should really know, How I loved to be your teacher, How fast the year did go.

Please come back to visit me As through the grades you grow, Try hard to learn all you can, There is so much to know.

One thing I tried to teach you to last your whole life through, Is to know that you are special, Just because you are you!

Good luck in Grade One!

I am very proud of you!

Art activity idea: Time Capsule

Talk to children about what a time capsule is. Then provide children with stickers, glitter, crayons, and markers and let them decorate a Pringles can inside and out to create a time capsule. With a permanent marker, write the year on the outside of the can. Let children add special items that you have collected throughout the year, such as photographs, artwork, hand prints, booklets, etc.

Help children create the following personal information to include in the time capsule (This would be a great activity to do with parents on graduation day).

My friends are ____________.

My favorite things to do are ____________.

My favorite toy is _______________.

I wan to be a ___________ when I’m grown up.

Close can with electrical tape and explain to children and parents that they can’t open the can until they graduate from high school.

Devotion: Colossians 2:6,7

Alive in Christ

6 Therefore, as you received Christ Jesus the Lord, so walk in him, 7 rooted and built up in him and established in the faith, just as you were taught, abounding in thanksgiving.

I know right now many of you are thinking, ” Wow, my college years are flying by! I can remember being a freshmen, and now I’m preparing for student teaching!” I want you to always remember to stand bold, asking our God to use you where ever he may take you. In this passage, Apostle Paul helps us by reminding us to 1) Stay in the truth 2)Walk in the truth 3)Do it in Thanksgiving.

God wants you!!! When you are staying in the truth, reading his word, there is a release, a comfort when reading his word. Knowing he bled for me, and gave us a book our guide to show us the way. Know his promises through reading his word. Turn off the tv, put down your iphone, and get off facebook and read his word. You will find the truth you need. Don’t seek others when looking for answers, seek HIM!

When your walk and talk are aligned with God’s word ,  your heart is seeking one of gratitude. Be thankful is all things. Rejoicing in his promises. Rejoicing with the rain and storms come. Because we know they will. But find comfort in the rainbow that will come! Satan will remind you of what you don’t have. Right now, stop and think of what you are truly grateful for. We sure have a lot don’t we?

Stay the course, don’t give up! Remembering He loves you! Let me ask you again. What do you have to be thankful for? CHRIST JESUS!

Praying for you daily!

Smiling for him,

Professor Wortinger

*** Please leave a comment or email me letting me know what you think of Smiling for Him. *** This will be my last entry for this school year. If you would like for me to continue next fall please let me know.*** I want this blog to encourage, inspire, and help you along in this journey.



Today’s Tip:

Mother’s day is this Sunday. Have you thought about what you would like to do for your mom, grandma, aunt, or special someone? Think back to when you were in school. Did you make a craft for Mother’s Day that you still remember? Pinterest has the most amazing ideas for Mother’s Day but I also want to share with you a great sight for sharing ideas

This site is filled with TONS of FREE lessons for all grade levels.There are some activities and lessons that you can purchase for super cheap. One of my fellow kindergarten teachers purchased a Mother’s Day writing purse activity from this site for $3.00. The students make a purse out of construction paper. Then inside you fill the fill with writing activities like:

*Picture of their mom

*What they think is inside their mother’s purse (hilarious)

*Questions about their mommy (soooo cute)

We are now compiling them together and stapling them inside the purse. Viola! A unique and super cute Mother’s Day activity that every mother will enjoy! For students who do not have a mother in their lives I try to find a grandma, aunt, or special someone they can give their purse to.


1 Peter 4:7-11

The end of all things is at hand; therefore be self-controlled and sober-minded for the sake of your prayers. Above all, keep loving one another earnestly, since love covers a multitude of sins. Show hospitality to one another without grumbling. As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God’s varied grace: whoever speaks, as one who speaks oracles of God; whoever serves, as one who serves by the strength that God supplies-in order that in everything God may be glorified through Jesus Christ. To him belong glory and dominion forever and ever. Amen.

**When you think of S.O.S. what comes to mind? Are you thinking of a distressed signal? Next time you see or hear S.O.S. I want you think of S.O.S. as


This past week at church my pastor shared this and I loved it. Stop and think about your daily routine, your walk. Do you encourage others? Are you someone others want to be around? Do you often point out flaws in others? The bible says we should show hospitality toward others. We will be held accountable one day friends for our actions, thought, and our use of our gifts. These special gifts were given to us by our Heavenly Father. These gifts are to be used by serving others and for the glory of Christ. Our walk here on Earth is so short that we need to change our perspective and start serving others over our self! It’s not about me, it’s about Christ! When our walk is aligned with our talk we grow in Christ. Press on my friends. Don’t give up, don’t stop loving one another. Each Sunday when you are in the house of the Lord, it should feel like Christmas! A day filled with sharing “gifts!” Use your gifts, share your gifts, and give of your time with your gifts. Are you …S.O.S? If not, tomorrow is a new day! Let’s start SERVING MY FRIENDS!


Smiling for Him,

Professor Wortinger

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How are your priorities?

This past Friday, I had the awesome opportunity to attend the IAEYC conference in Indianapolis. This is my favorite conference for multiple reasons. I LOVE the vendors! Each year I leave with amazing materials, manipulatives, and a new CD for my classroom. I highly recommend attending this conference. The nice thing about this conference if you do not like the session you are in, then leave. Go try a new one and see if it’s a fit for you. This is what happened to us at our first session. I thought we were learning about reading strategies but unfortunately was  about this professor’s doctoral work. I found myself doodling and daydreaming so we headed out. We headed to vendors and found some amazing items that were a “must have” in my classroom.

Today’s ideas/tips:

Here’s a peek at what I purchased:

*Write & Wipe Pockets for $11. This will be an excellent resource I will use during centers. I can make 5 copies of  a worksheet and have the students use dry erase markers to see if they are understanding a concept. I will have 3 centers going with hands on activities and the fourth will be with me using these pockets.

*Mr. Al- look him up! He’s amazing! Mr. Al has produced and recorded over 20 childrens albums including, “Mr. Al Sings Colors” “Kids Wanna Rock,” and “Back to School.” Mr. Al teaching the importance of using cross lateral movements to connect both lobes of the brain. By doing simple stretches and exercises that use both sides of the brain you can find children more alert and focused. Can I get an AMEN? 🙂 These movements should be done every 90 minutes.

Three books I purchased to assist me in my classroom.

*Storytime From A toZ  Developing Early Literacy Skills Through Books(center ideas for learning the alphabet) Grade PreK-K, By Mailbox

*Cut, Color, Trace, & Paste Rebus Stories. (Great way to reinforce sight words through make and take books)

*Brain Gym Teacher’s Edition (ideas for cross lateral movements )

*Math Took Kit for the Common Core Kindergarten- This is an AMAZING book filled with ideas on how to implement the Common Core into your classroom. This books included a flow chart, pre-assessment, unit organizer, monitoring took, instructional strategies, and so much more. This is my Ky Leigh David, PhD and Muskingum Valley



Deuteronomy 5:12-15

Holman Christian Standard Bible (HCSB)

12 Be careful to remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy as the LORD your God has commanded you. 13 You are to labor six days and do all your work, 14 but the seventh day is a Sabbath to the LORD your God. You must not do any work—you, your son or daughter, your male or female slave, your ox or donkey, any of your livestock, or the foreigner who lives within your gates, so that your male and female slaves may rest as you do. 15 Remember that you were a slave in the land of Egypt, and the LORD your God brought you out of there with a strong hand and an outstretched arm. That is why the LORD your God has commanded you to keep the Sabbath day.
This past Sunday, my pastor asked about our priorities. He spoke about the Three Truths:Priorities of God
1) The Priority of God
2) The Priority of Family
3) The Priority of Work
When thinking of that beautiful hymn, It is well. It is well, with my soul. Think of it like this when our priorities are aligned to what God has in store for us our walk is just like our talk. Our soul feels restored, renewed, and on fire for him. We should seek His face each day. I truly had to think about my own life. This school year I have been on an emotional roller coaster where my heart aches for these students. I worry if they are cold, hungry, or sick. My focus shifted from my own family to my class and my own daughter’s began to suffer. I was too tired emotionally and physically to play when I came home. I could easily cry and just wanted a release. Then God laid on my heart how precious and blessed I am to be called mommy. These precious babes are His and only little for this brief period of time. My lens needed shift, I see things clearly now. The past ten years are flying by and will continue to do so. I need to focus on Him, my family , and then my work. Doing ALL things for His glory.My challenge for you. How is your priorities? Do you need to shift your thinking, your lens? Do it now and feel the release!
Praying for you!
Smiling for Him,
Professor Wortinger
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He’s Got This!

Are you counting down the days? Are you sad to see this semester ending or are you ready for a break or both?  Spring is one of my favorite times of year. The kids LOVE the 2nd recess option and I have to admit when the sun is shining I can’t wait to get outside either. So It makes me stop and think of all the lessons, crafts, and activities we can take outside. My challenge for you this week is to think outside of the box. To think of ways you can make and take outside.

Here’s a few ideas to get your brain going:

*Bubbles! You can do this activity multiple ways. I will first blow bubbles all around (outside) and demonstrate to my students how to “pop” the bubbles by crossing the midline using their right and left arms. Then have your students try! You can also then pair them up and take turns blowing the bubbles and crossing the midline “popping.”

*Walk the Vine- I use this activity outside on the sidewalk. I make three paths with side walk chalk, a straight path, a curved path, and a zigzag path. Students practice walking the “vine” You can also have stuffed animals for the children to carry as they walk the vine bringing the animals to safety. Super fun!

*Literacy- practice spelling sight words with chalk and then use spray bottles of water to erase your work when it is all finished. Using the spray bottles helps build up those little muscles in their hands.

*Lastly, Painting with Water. Draw all kinds of designs, zigzags, etc. with sidewalk chalk on the sidewalk. Students will love this activity and is a great way to use whole-arm movements. Set out a tub of water and a supply of wide paintbrushes. Invite each student to dip a paintbrush in the water and then have him use large arm movement to paint over the lines.





“Happy is the person whose sins are forgiven, whose wrongs are pardoned.” Psalm 32:1

Happy… this is a word that I hope when people see me that is what they would say. I am so happy that my God has my back. That my God paid the price so my sins can be forgiven. Often times I wonder why I let so many things “get” to me. I have so much to be thankful for and so many times I focus on what’s not going quite right. Then that becomes a worry and a worry that Satan won’t let me forget. But I come to this passage and I stop…. and praise HIS  name. Happy is the person whose sins are forgiven. Who is this person? That’s me and you! We are forgiven we have been released, the chains are gone! Let Go my friends and LET GOD! Whatever is holding on to you, release it and give him the control. We have been forgiven and have a happiness that unbelievers can’t quite understand but our  job is to let HIS light shine through us so others stop and wonder why are they so happy? How can they be so happy when things are such a mess… We can reply Psalm 32:11 Happy is the person whose sins are forgiven and WE are forgiven! Don’t let the troubles of this world get you down, take heart the battle has been won and one day all will make sense. Praying for each of you!


Smiling for HIM,

Professor Wortinger

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Well done!

As the semester is quickly coming to an end I know you all are looking forward to a break. I cannot tell a lie, I’m ready too. Teachers look forward to the summer break just as much as the students. I truly believe these breaks are built in to rejuvenate us, give us rest, and let us mentally prepare ourselves for the next school year. I will be honest this school year has taken it’s toll on me emotionally and physically. I have always been the teacher who wears her heart on her sleeve. I strive each day to pour myself into each of my students and some days when I come home to my two little ones my tank is on E. My God is helping me find a balance. My two little ones are so precious to me and I must remember I am so blessed to be their mommy. What is so sad, the majority of my day I am not just being a teacher but more often than not I have my mommy hat on for these students. They want the love, the soft voice, the hugs, and most of all the attention. God is using each of us to show his love through our daily actions. When Satan has crept into your thoughts making you think you’re not good enough or strong enough, let me be the first to remind you of who are God is. He is big enough, he’s strong enough, and guess who he loves… you!!!! Matthew West has an amazing song “Strong Enough.” Listen and be blessed.

Quick Teaching Tip:

This week we are focusing on the Letter Q,q. Here are a few ideas to go with this letter.

*Tell your students a story about the letter Q. Letter Q is a very shy fellow. He prefers to go places with his friend “U.” That’s why you usually see them together everywhere. Write down some Q words for your students to see, that also have the letter u. such as: quack, quarter, quick, quiet, quote, and question.

*Break out the Q worksheet but put a spin on it! Paint with Q-tips instead of using a pencil on the worksheet. Super Fun!

*Quarter Stamping- I took play quarter money and hot glued it to a clothes pin. The students then put their quarter in paint and stamped the quarters onto the letter Q. 🙂

*Quarter Toss into a Q (hula hoop)


The Parable of the Talents Matthew 25:14-30.

This past Sunday at church, the pastor was discussing the Parable of the Talents. I was reading this I begin to feel convicted and wondering which one am I? Am I doing all I can to spread the news, to show His love, and multiply my talents? When I read verse 21, “His master replied, well done, good and faithful servant!.. One day my hope is that when I stand before my God he will say these sweet words to me. Well done good and faithful servant! I know it’s easy to feel like someone else is stronger or better at a skill but please remember this Jesus wants you! He wants to see you working for His kingdom. Showing your Heavenly Father you are willing to take a leap, a step outside of your comfort zone to bring others to Him. When I think about my daily walk, I know there are areas I can be stronger in and I’m striving to show His love in all areas. My prayer is that each of us will take a hard look at our lives and see where we can use our talents for our church, school, university, family, and friends. Ask Christ to reveal to you where you are needed and get to it friends!

Smiling for Him,

Professor Wortinger

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